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I'm going to change the world for the better or die trying.
-Nicholas P. Wilde

i'm still sober, though i was wrong, it hadn't been 2 months and
however many days, it was one month and however many days.

though now it has been 2 months and 8 days for real :)

i'm still learning perl. i almost quit it and said i'll go
with VB.Net, but no, i'm sticking to perl. i know it's going
slow, but heck, i take enough meds per day to kill a small

besides, i want to go at my own pace. as long as i stick
to perl like i have been doing, eventually i'll be good with


i'm thinking of writing letters for amnesty again. i suppose
thats kind of tooting my own horn as if i want attention -
but thats not why i'm doing this, i really want to make
the world a better place and with this world, it's impossible
to do enough, plus if i put it on my webpage i'll stick to
writing letters for amnesty because people can hold me to
doing so.

even if i don't write letters for amnesty, i'm looking for
more ways to be more active of an activist :)