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I'm going to change the world for the better or die trying.
-Nicholas P. Wilde


Even the sky isn’t the limit, with me
Nothing unreachable is what I believe
And I’d rather die with a dream than die with without trying

Andrea Gibson says the person is shaped by pain
I’ll be a marine when I’m done fixing my brain
And anyone in my way better get out the way because I’m coming through like a train

Don’t let these silent poems be misleading
There is a hell of a lot more to me
And I’m not just here for me
I’ll make the world a better place before I leave

I know I have something special from God, it’s not just a sickness
And when I figure out how, I’m going to use my gift
Already made it past the statistics
Living on my own, but I’m a schizophrenic

And I’m not out for money
Look at what it’s done to this country
Greed is not for me

I’m out to open minds and put smiles on faces
Money has people stuck in the rat race
Bitching ‘bout wages goodness gracious what a disgrace this is

So many people think it’s about being tough
Really it’s about not giving up
Because everyone falls, but some don’t get up

Well I’m here to win it against all odds
One day I’ll be looking down from the stars