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I'm going to change the world for the better or die trying.
-Nicholas P. Wilde


perhaps this is the wrong place for an HRC video, but it's a foundation
i firmly agree with to the point that i've already donated to them 2 or 3 times
and may soon be working with them.


i feel like i'm simply happy enough just to be alive. man lately i just sit at
my computer listening to my spotify songs smoking cigarettes and that's all i do
the whole day. it doesn't even upset me that i accomplish nothing (normally it would
bother me)

there were so many wrong turns i could have made in my life that would
have sent me to jail or prison, on the streets, or yes - dead.

and i'm slowly winning my war against schizoaffective disorder.

i've even told multiple people now that i'm going to go to AODA
(alcohol and other drug abuse) groups to quit the drugs because
i can't seem to quit them by myself no matter how hard i try.

and i plan to do so.