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I'm going to change the world for the better or die trying.
-Nicholas P. Wilde


About incarceration and changing it.
I want to start by saying anyone of us could end up in prison. It’s
 easier than you might think – we all get angry, many of us have too 
much to drink every once in a while. Heck, we wouldn’t learn 
anything if we didn’t try new things and when a person tries 
something new they might make a mistake. And ALL of us go through 
hard times in life. Those hard times can push people to do things 
they don’t want to.

We need to end mass incarceration, but that’s not the only thing 
we should be doing. We should be changing incarceration itself.

Ideally a person would get their sentence, serve their time being 
rehabilitated in the process and return to the world with the skills 
and state of mind to function within the law.

But we all know better than that.

A person goes to prison often coming out worse than when they 
went in and return to lock up 6 months later for another crime.

I’ve been watching prison documentaries and they’re saying it 
over and over, what they’re saying in short is that you need to 
often break the prisons rules in some form to survive, or be 
picked on, beat up, and worse by the other prisoners.
So a prisoners life is constant infractions of the rules even 
possibly giving them a longer sentence.

A prisoners sentence does not include living in fear. It does not 
include being beat up. It does not include being raped or even murdered. 
That’s part of prison life. But it shouldn’t be. And it’s part of the 
reason prisoners never get rehabilitated.

In this prison documentary I was watching last night, in the prison 
there is 250 inmates for every guard. How the heck is one guard going 
to keep all those 250 safe from each other and keep themselves safe
 while they’re at it?
So how do we change it? First by not giving up on prisoners. Even the 
worst person can change to be a much better person. Second, by 
putting ourselves in their shoes – it only takes seconds to mess 
up so bad you go to prison.

Maybe make prisoners pen pals to give them hope and remind them 
that there are more beautiful things in this world than prison 

Get more guards, a lot more guard, maybe make it a law where a 
prison is breaking the law if they have more than 25 prisoners 
to every guard.

I know prison life isn’t supposed to be easy, but there is no 
excuse for it being as difficult as it is either.

And I’ll end this here. Please think about what I’ve written.