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I'm going to change the world for the better or die trying.
-Nicholas P. Wilde

updated on sept/05/2018 7:12am CDT

bah man, bah! i'm trying to get things done to be a more
positive force on this planet and spread good mojo but my
mental health is not co-operating. not that i'm here to
complain about my problems, but i can't sleep for crap.

i even cut back my coffee in the last month alone to 1
3rd of what i had been drinking and now i take melatonin

anyways, i'm still trying to at least do *something*.
i called up someone i know to try to get them to vote,
i'm registered to vote by absentee ballot.

lastnight on facebook i typed up a note about why we
can't allow that kavenaugh or however it's spelled (on
facebook i spelled it properly); as a supreme court
justice. one person even clicked like.

but in the end, i HAVE to put MY HEALTH *FIRST*
or i wont ever accomplish anything, and schizoaffective
is one big health hurdle.

on a personal note, i'm in a good mood most of the time
so i got that going for me (=